Exeter's Vanished Rock Venues' New Year Show is now available to listen to on Mixcloud - Just click here.

To see a track listing check out our facebook page here.

And all our radio shows are available on Mixcloud here.

Our final show of the year is Thursday December 13th from 4 to 6 - It's a combined Xmas and catch-up show, playing tracks dropped in previous weeks due to lack of time, a few new selections, and some Xmas-related stuff. We'll also have some knowledgeable local guests in the form of Jez and Pat of 'Up From the Stacks' fame. Tune in on Thursday if you can, or catch it on Mixcloud later ...

Our third Exeter's Vanished Rock Venues was broadcast on November 8th and featured an interview with Graham Sclater, who has had a long career in rock, from playing in Hamburg in the 1960s, to promoting and managing artists worldwide from the 1970s. A recording can be heard on Mixcloud.