In the beginning ... I started a project to research and produce a 15 minute podcast about  Exeter's Vanished Rock Venues. An appeal on the Exeter Memories facebook site generated an enormous response and it quickly became clear that this was a bigger subject than I'd anticipated. The story of that podcast and how it developed into three radio shows is shown on the EVRV page.


My radio shows are:

Exeter's Vanished Rock Venues - Phonic 106.8 FM - fourth Thursdays from 4 to 6pm

Between the Buttons - Phonic FM 106.8 - second Tuesdays from 12 to 2pm

Strange Days - Soundart Radio 102.5 FM  - every four weeks Mondays from 2 to 4pm

Information about upcoming shows, mixcloud recordings and tracklists are posted on social media:

Facebook: @exeters.vanished.rock.venues and Twitter: @exeter_s

Mixcloud: or

Email me at:


Tracklists can be accessed at the EVRV facebook page   but I'm also gradually adding information about past shows below (click on arrows for tracklists and to navigate - and click on image for mixcloud links):